Serious iPhone Warning issued by Apple

Demo of MAJOR FaceTime Bug That Lets People Spy on You!

Apple has just confirmed all iPhones which are running iOS versions ( and 12.1.3) may share some security problems… 

In an official statement in the earlier time, Apple has acknowledged that it is possible to access the audio and video of any iPhone running iOS 12.1 or later without your permission. It is easy to do, and you won’t be able to notice when someone has trespass into your iPhone.

The vulnerability is so scary that any iPhone owner can exploit another iPhone owner. All it requires is do the following 3 steps

  1. Go to a contact and start a FaceTime call
  2. Swipe up and select “Add Person”
  3. Enter your own cell number and add yourself to the call
This video shows how the bug exposes you to your friends.

The result of this is, the privacy of iPhone users around the world is now exposed, and is now made worse because Apple revealed it by warning us about this bug almost a week earlier but did little to fix.

Technicians say beside promising a fix “later this week”, Apple has had to suspend FaceTime Group calls worldwide. 


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