Apple may release a new iPhone SE in 2019

iPhone SE 2 Leaked photos

Apple may release a new iPhone SE in 2019 (with iPhone SE2 release date, price and specs)

It’s been 3 years since the first iPhone SE was published to the market. It was a hit among the fans who love the price tag, and are satisfied with the size and quality. However, this beloved iPhone SE model was discontinued and left the fans not much options.

The good news is, Apple may be about to bring this model back in the near future.

When will the iPhone SE2 be released?

Possibly the iPhone SE 2 could arrive in 2019, yes this year. It is be 3 years after that smartphone was first launched. But according to Digitimes report,  the SE 2 might not arrive until 2020.

How much will it be?

Uptil September 2018,  the iPhone SE was available in 2 storage sizes, 32GB and 128GB. In the US, the iPhone SE cost $399 for 32GB and $449 for 129GB.

Reasonably we would expect the iPhone SE 2 will be priced similarly when it launches.

In which country will iPhone SE2 be available?

According to the Economic Daily, a Chinese website, the rumor is Apple has been working on, “Hangzhou”, a low-end iPhone. This low-end model will be targeting at China and India. Another rumor goes that the iPhone SE 2 will launch in India first, before appearing in other territories. The truth? Only Apple knows.

How is the design?

An other rumor goes around the Chinese forums is that, the new iPhone SE 2 is having a similar design to its predecessor – iPhone SE. But it will have a bigger 4.2inch display. 

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