Does a iPhone XR need a screen protector?

iphone xs screen

Yes, you definitely need, as your iPhone is actually fragile, and easy to be broken.

Like the sunk unsinkable Titanic, it sank to the sea bottom, though it is unsinkable. Therefore, no screen nor smartphone are unbreakable. If one claims it is, don’t even touch it as we have already learnt from the great Titanic story. The fact is,  no matter how durable Apple claims it could be, it is highly possible to break the iPhone XR screen glass unintendedly.

Let’s put it precisely, a case is not enough, which can only protect your iPhone body, not the screen. The fact is, the iPhone body seldom breaks when it is dropped onto the ground, however, the screen does. I can still recall there was one time, my iPhone was sitting on the phone holder of my bike, but it shot out like a rocket from the holder when I crashed my bike into another bike. The iPhone itself did not break, but the glass had been shattered into pieces. Now are you still in doubt if you need an iPhone XR screen protector?

There is a wide selection of screen protectors. But as I have mentioned, there isn’t a unbreakable screen protector, be it 9H hardness, or diamond-like hardness. Therefore I will pick one with good warranty service.

There are 2 providing these kind of service.

InsurShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

InsurShield unbreakable promise

InsurShield is an up-and-coming name in the area of screen protection, it’s easy to see why. InsurShield basically have all the features the other brand provides, like thinness, hardness, and bubble-free. — but best of all is the value, and the lifetime unlimited replacement service they have. They will send you a new one regardless of your reasons. It is easy, you request, they ship. They can offer such an incredible customer-centered service is because they themselves is a factory, and they care customer experience.

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RHINOSHIELD Impact Protection

RHINOSHIELD Impact Protection

it’s Rhinoshield’s Impact Protection protector. It’s made from film — but don’t let that put you off. Rhinoshield claims this protector is hammer-tested, and can take at least five times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3. That’s a hefty boast, and even more impressive given how thin it is. It’s clear and comes with an oleophobic coating to resist greasy fingerprints. Applying it is easy thanks to the forgiving adhesive that allows you to lift it back up and try again if not successful the first time.

While Rhinoshield’s boasts are impressive, we would still recommend you look at glass if you’re very worried about drops — but otherwise, this is a great all-around protector.

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